With 69 votes, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly approve the law prohibiting metallic mining in all of El Salvador

After 12 years of struggle amongst communities and environmental organizations, El Salvador has been able to prohibit metal mining, becoming the first country in the world to have a law that rejects these deadly projects.

Last Wednesday, March 29, communities from all over the country waited in anticipation in front of the Legislative Assembly as the legislators discussed and voted on the 11 articles of the law. Without any obstacles, the 69 deputies present voted unanimously in favor of the law prohibiting metallic mining.

The spirit of Ramiro, the spirit of Dora and of her baby, the spirit of Marcelo accompanies us and has made this victory for the people of El Salvador possible. Thank you friends for staying together in this struggle. Yes we can! Yes we can! The truth triumphed over the lie,said the President of ADES, Vidalina Morales, after hearing the Assembly's vote.

In a statement that Minerales Torogoz, Subsidiary of Oceana Gold, issued a day after the Mining Law was approved, said they recognize the results of the recent vote effected by El Salvador's Congress to approve a law that prohibits metallic mining in the country.

The company said in that statement that they are evaluating the next steps, but confirms that the El Dorado project and any opportunities in El Salvador are not part of its business strategy.

With the prohibition of the exploitation of Salvadoran soil and subsoil, the processes for obtaining mining licenses will be closed. Without a doubt, this is a victory for the people of El Salvador.


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