La Asociación para el Desarrollo Económico y Social ADES Santa Marta se sumó al Foro Nacional de Salud para participar en la Gran Marcha por el agua del pasado 27 de septiembre, actividad que busca generar incidencia en la aprobación de una Ley de aguas con enfoque de cuencas y derechos humanos.

Within the framework of the Organic Agriculture School initiative, ADES trained students from the  Güiscoyol School, in the town of Trinidad in Sensuntepeque, about garden beds.

Organized women in Santa Marta and La Maraña are participating in a training series on gender put together by ADES. The educational process seeks to empower female leaders so that they themselves are the protagonists of their own transformation.

ADES, with help from organizing bodies in Santa Marta and y La Maraña, continue supporting the development of women leaders in rural communities.

In this workshop, which is part of a training series on gender, women learned how to make their own sanitary napkins, as a way to care for the environment.

The women shared that it is important to strengthen their relationship with the environment in a more positive way, since it is they who will be directly affected if it is destroyed.

ADES coordina, por tercer año consecutivo, las Caravas de la Risa.


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