More than 100 leaders from communities in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala met for the Community Struggles for the Defense of our Land and Lifeforum.

ADES Santa Marta participated in Cabañas’ Ministry of Health report-back, held at the Catholic University of El Salvador in Ilobasco, Cabañas. The governor of Cabañas, Gloria Yaneth Saravia de Molina opened the event, followed by the Minister of Health, Violeta Menjivar, who spoke about the achievements and challenges facing El Salvadors health system.

In a press conference the National Roundtable Against Metallic Mining expressed the need to be alert and continue articulating the resistance movement in defense of our land, in the face of Oceana Golds foolish decision to stay in the country.

Fourteen water councils from across Cabañas, accompanied by ADES and the Health Forum, delivered a letter to the Legislative Assembly in Cabañas this morning, demanding no water privatization.

When women have power, they improve the lives of the people around them, starting with themselves and their families. For that reason, ADES started a Human Rights education process with more than 25 women from Santa Marta, Cabañas, with the purpose of training them to defend their rights.


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By ASOTICO Santa Marta
Asociación para las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación Comunal