More than 70 people from the municipalities of San Isidro and Victoria, Cabañas, are studying the topic of human rights in the Human Rights School,organized by the Asociación de Desarrollo Económico Social Santa Marta (ADES).

The Asociación de Desarrollo Económico y Social Santa Marta (ADES), along with other organizations that operate in Guacotecti, Cabañas are concerned about the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the district.

With 69 votes, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly approve the law prohibiting metallic mining in all of El Salvador

More than 700 community leaders from Cabañas celebrated the country's victory in approving the law against metallic mining. In a unifying public forum, Defending the Right to Say No to Metallic Mining,the community reasserted its defense of the recently approved law prohibiting metallic mining.

Environmental organizations together with hundreds of people, accompanied the Catholic Church to the Legislative Assembly to demand a law that prohibits metallic mining.


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By ASOTICO Santa Marta
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