El equipo de ADES fortalece sus capacidades en la producción orgánica

More than 100 campesinas and campesinos, trained by ADES, are producing organically in communities in Cabañas and Cuscatlán.

Even more producers are being convinced that the practice of organic agriculture generates good harvests of basic grains and vegetables.

For me, organic agriculture is hope, because I know that I will never lack food for my family,said Juan Reyes, campesino from Guacotecti that has been producing organically for four years.

Campesinas and campesinos from Cabañas and Cuscatlán proudly show some of the fruit harvested during this agricultural season, using 100% organic techniques.




Community Organizing and Accompaniment Program
The Community Accompaniment Program is fundamental to our direct work with communities seeking to improve their lives.
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Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture Program facilitates trainings and the application of organic agriculture techniques, gradually advancing...
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Water Resources Management Program

Using a watershed management and planning approach, ADES’ Water Resources Management Program accompanies communities in the following processes...
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By ASOTICO Santa Marta
Asociación para las Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación Comunal