• We believe in community development centered on the principles of partnership, justice, and equity.

  • Our development work is based on a belief in people’s capacity to be creative constructors and transformers of their reality.

  • Our institutional policy incorporates the defense of women´s rights and strives for the transformation of power relations between men and women.

  • We consider generational renewal of vital importance, and for that reason we place special importance on child and youth development.

  • Our work is guided by our experience in Cabañas and in particular Santa Marta, regarding participatory community development and the defense of our fundamental rights as human beings.

  • We have reason to hope because ADES is testament to service that comes from a liberation ethic in search of social justice.

  • We believe popular organizing is the means in which to attain comprehensive development of men and women

  • We are committed to popular education as an essential approach that transforms the human being in a personal and collective way, in order to build a democratic society.

  • We protect and defend natural resources, because we know that it is the only way to guarantee life in a comprehensive sense.

  • Our spirit of loyalty is elevated by the exemplary conviction of men and women who have given their lives fighting for a more just and democratic society



Community Organizing and Accompaniment Program
The Community Accompaniment Program is fundamental to our direct work with communities seeking to improve their lives.
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Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture Program facilitates trainings and the application of organic agriculture techniques, gradually advancing...
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Water Resources Management Program

Using a watershed management and planning approach, ADES’ Water Resources Management Program accompanies communities in the following processes...
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